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We need a renewal of our original Minnesota ethic. This is not a Republican goal, it’s a Minnesota goal. I am fighting for freedom and for your opportunity in life. The elites and their cronies run a system that works great if you’re one of them, but denies “liberty and justice for all”. The progressives with their political correctness and growing lawlessness are tearing “one nation under God” apart. It’s time for us to come together and stand on principle against these corrupting forces and make Minnesota work for everyone.

A preferential option for the truly needy – delivered privately if funded publicly. People’s needs are best understood and satisfied by people closest to them.

  • Restore to churches and non-profits their rightful role in serving the sick, poor, disabled and the elderly.
  • Provide public benefits via local vehicles (family, church, etc.) with accountability to positive behaviors.
  • Tax credits for all charitable contributions above 5% of income and up to 15%, phased in over ten years.
  • Establish “personal non-profits” so individuals can directly provide the disadvantaged with economic support via Personal Investment accounts and life skills mentoring.
  • Mandatory restitution paid to victims by offenders of all crimes

Leave a better Minnesota to our children, and publish a state scorecard of key measures to track our progress in doing so.

  • Renewal of the historical conservation ethic, not unthinking environmentalism.
  • Increase market and private property incentives to conserve and protect our natural resources.
  • Protection of the most vulnerable – from the unborn, to the disabled, to the elderly, to those easily exploited.
  • Integration of sustainability measurements into state economic analysis.
  • National ethics leadership at the U of M on research frontiers to promote a culture of life.

Opportunity and accountability build human capital and dignity, not handouts that lock the disadvantaged into permanent dependency.

  • Increase programs that create capital ownership, opportunity, independence, and accountability.
  • Equal opportunity and entrepreneurial incentives, not quotas, such as “Personal Investment Accounts” that promote opportunity, not coerce outcomes.
  • Increase MNSCU, technical college, and trade apprenticeship scholarships.
  • Increase welfare to work programs.
  • Reforms to control illegal immigration and integration.
  • Control refugee inflow subject to airtight vetting.
  • Elimination of licensing, bureaucratic and monopolistic barriers to poor entrepreneurs.
  • Reinvented labor unions focused on employee ownership and profit sharing.

Our country’s founding principles produce prosperity and stewardship and elevate the human condition.

  • We are each created in God’s image, infinitely valuable, with creative potential, morally relevant, and accountable for our actions.  Yet we observe that the line between good and evil runs through the human heart (Solzhenitsyn).
  • In order to protect citizens and secure justice, individual liberty must be ordered to a “low but sturdy” moral foundation of God-endowed unalienable rights – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. True freedom is ordered liberty, not license. Freedom of conscience does not mean any behavior should be legal.
  • The combination of individual liberty, the rule of law, the enforceability of contracts, property rights, and free markets is required to encourage activities aligned to the interests of others and at the same time unleash our God-given human potential.
  • All issues of society should be addressed by the lowest societal unit possible, starting with institutions of family, church, neighborhood, community, and association; then local units of government; and by higher units of government only as necessary.
  • While tempting, even well-intended efforts to perfect society by means of government (beyond securing our unalienable rights) will require a level of coercive control that inevitably devolves to totalitarianism and barbarism.
  • Freedom requires a virtuous people; there can never be enough laws to constrain a person unconstrained by conscience (Chesterton). Government cannot “create” such people.
  • Institutions of family, church, neighborhood, community, and association are required to create such people, to foster the virtue and sense of duty that precede a free society, and to provide the covenant relationships and accountability necessary to achieve a greater good.
  • A balance of power must exist between the governmental, economic, and moral-cultural spheres of society (Novak) to avoid would-be dominance by one.
  • A denial of absolute power and it misuse, protected against by the bill of rights and also by slow, deliberate democratic change, is imperative.
  • The rule of law is the ground we walk on, and must be perpetuated by democratic institutions with power balanced between legislative, executive and judiciary branches.
  • God’s moral precepts, written into nature and conscience, are the basis for law and liberty.


People of Minnesota, we CAN do this! Join the Cause!


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