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We need to tackle the real issues.  No more excuses, no more hiding behind good intentions, no more political correctness.  We need to trust Minnesotans, not bigger government, for our future.  And it’s time for government and our elected officials to be held accountable just like everyone else.  My commitment to you is to fight hard and stay focused on the critical issues that will make Minnesota work for everyone.

You work hard for every dollar you earn; state government should work hard with every dollar it takes. In my first term we will eliminate, consolidate, and reform throughout state government. We will reduce both the size of government and state spending and improve how core functions are performed. Together we can make Minnesota a model and establish a template that other states can follow to do the same thing.

We can create new, well-paying jobs while reducing the price of energy by streamlining the regulatory and permitting process to attract businesses in mining and energy development. We will also support stronger technical educational opportunities in these fields so that Minnesota has a dynamic workforce to support these growing industries. Greater Minnesota can have a bright economic future if we remove the shackles of redundant regulations and instead support the families and entrepreneurs across our state.

We must treat our farmers as the small business owners and environmental stewards they are. We will roll back regulations like buffer strips, and stop the onslaught of unnecessary interference. As Governor I will also work with Washington to achieve this result on a Federal level.

Public safety is the first duty of government. To promote law and order and protect our communities, including our immigrants, we will enforce the law, de-fund sanctuary cities and respect and support those who enforce the law.

It’s criminal what the unions and education establishment are allowing to happen to kids in failing schools while they protect their self interest. We will expand choices for families. We will work to shut down and aggressively restructure failing schools, and provide vouchers for the students stuck in those schools to attend any school of their choice.

Lifetime politicians, entrenched special interests and cronyism are corrupting our system. No more will the special interests come before the people of Minnesota. Making Minnesota work for everyone means we will beat back the corruption wherever it is found and the entrenched special interests wherever they are found.

The state budget grew almost 50% in eight years, and the politicians in St. Paul are still arguing about how to fund critical road, bridge and water projects. We will prioritize infrastructure spending to complement the President’s pending infrastructure plan.

Spending less in state government means you will keep more of what you earn. We will be able to lower taxes so Minnesotans at all income levels keep more of their hard earned money, and job providers stay in our State. The era of state government chasing you down across state lines and into the grave to get your money will be over.

You were promised lower costs, more options and better care. Instead Democrats wasted nearly a billion dollars on MnSure and the state just added another $500 million bailout. We will get rid of this horrible experiment and put Minnesota’s healthcare back on track with consumer directed and patient centered solutions that work.

From Democrat policies that make everything you need more expensive, to mental health and opioid issues, to father absence, the family is under stress. We will undo the forced unionization of family child care providers and personal care attendants, increase flexibility for those with disabilities, and undo disincentives to intact families. We will stand for life, with a special focus on mental health issues and opioid addiction.


People of Minnesota, we CAN do this! Join the Cause!


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